THE HISTORY OF MODERN SWEDISH MUSIC: An Introduction to Nineteen Composers

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Examines Swedish art music during modern times. It includes an examination of lateromantic composers and styles, the modernist devotion to international styles and its influence on neoclassical composers, and who blended the modern avant garde with traditional styles and genres. This book contains fourteen black and white photographs.


“[T]he reader will find that Prof. Quist's well-honed arguments and perceptive views can be seen as a model for the historians of music of other smaller countries, and as a consequence will be crucial to a more equitable view of the development of music itself during this vibrant time." – Prof. Bertil van Boer, Western Washington University

“[The book’s] wealth of musical examples and the detailed discussions thereof, are a boon to those who want a deeper knowledge of just how this music works and what makes it so. Indeed, his musical analyses are a stimulating part of this book and support the narrative well.” – Prof. Alan Swanson, Rijksunivertsiteit Groningen

Table of Contents

PART ONE: The Late-Romantic Tradition
Chapter 1: Stenhammar's Classical Countercurrent
Chapter 2: The Late-Romantic National Tradition
Chapter 3: Andree, Olsson, and Late-Romantic Sacred Music
PART TWO: Early Modernism
Chapter 4: Rosenberg: The Father of Swedish Modernism
Chapter 5: Nystroem: A Modern Voyager
Chapter 6: Larsson, Wiren, and Neoclassicism
PART THREE: The Monday Group
Chapter 7: Blomdahl and High Modernism
Chapter 8: Back: A Modern Visionary
Chapter 9: Lidholm: The Monday Group's Pluralist
PART FOUR: Late Modernism 3
Chapter 10: Pettersson: A Symphonic Expressionist
Chapter 11: Nilsson, Hambraeus, and the Sacred Avant Garde
Chapter 12: Conventional Progress: Werle, Bortz, and Postmodernism
Selected Discography

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