Music and Mind

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A philosophical and empirical study of the music-listening process and what we already know about it. Six axioms develop the theory that music is a meta-language, a semantically closed tonal-rhythmic system through which meaning results from realized self-referenced inter-pattern relationships. It is shown that this meta-language represents the functioning of an independent multi-staged module, and that the description of this module applies to all accepted music (theory) systems. Will be of interest to music aestheticians, theorists, psychomusicologists, music educators, music education researchers, and music therapists.


"Fiske manages to keep the pressure on by sticking with fundamental questions about if and by which measures music communicates anything beyond itself and in what ways that might be characterized. . . . Fiske's work demands close reading and sustained discussion." - The Reader's Review

"a refreshing and eminently workable hypothesis about mind and culture which bypasses the functional problems of dealing with cultural differences which the notion of a common human cognitive template causes." Robert A. Walker

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