St. Augustine's Theory of Knowledge a Contemporary Analysis

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States that there exists in St. Augustine's work a unified theory of knowledge, attempts to analyze the individual elements in Augustine's epistemology and relate them to a unified structure, and relates Augustine's theory of knowledge to others in the history of philosophy.

"Bubacz's synthesis of Augustine's thought around the central problem of knowledge is a valuable contribution." - Religious Studies Review


Bubacz's book possess[es] many of the classical virtues: style, grace, wit, and a most discriminating eye for detail. . . . a very competent study of Augustine's theory of knowledge. . . . In the Preface to his book Bubacz claims that he has spent the past decade becoming acquainted with St. Augustine. It shows." - Journal of the American Academy of Religion

"Chapter 4 [on `Memory'] is a chapter worth studying, quite apart from its bearing on St. Augustine. . . . [Bubacz's] chapter on `Illumination' is superb." - Christian Scholar's Review ". . . a commendably lucid discussion of a difficult subject" - Scottish Journal of Theology

"Bubacz has set an ambitious and important project for himself in this volume. He attempts to present an account of Augustine's theory of knowledge which is free of any theological presuppositions and to give a place to Augustine in the history of epistemiology (especially Idealism). . . . This book is a well conceived and focused discussion of a topic that is usually handled in a cursory manner. Bubacz's style is quite clear . . . ." - Review of Metaphysics "Nos parece muy acertado este judicio final: (n. 54)." - Augustinus

"Bubacz is a valiant Augustinian apologete. His work is valuable for its excellent elucidation of Augustine's metaphors and its clear and logically ordered presentation of the rational aspect of Augustine's epistemology." - Southwestern Journal of Theolog

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