THE PEOPLE OF CURIAL AVIGNON: A Critical Edition of the Liber Divisionis and the Matriculae of Notre Dame la Majour

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Winner of the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship
This work cross-references the persons mentioned in each document with the remaining documents and other biographical resources and offers a critical analysis of all three. The diplomatic analysis challenges many of Bernard Guillemain's conclusions regarding the documents’ dates and purposes, and these challenges can only enhance our understanding of the Avignonese population during the late fourteenth century.


“Dr. Rollo-Koster’s meticulous diplomatic study accompanying the edition provides a context in which to view the data. She provides detailed practical help on how to read the documents. Her cross-referencing of the Liber and the matriculation lists permits the reader to trace individuals. Her index of names provides a guide to their identity through place of origin and occupation. Where possible, she adds additional biographical information. These editions will be a remarkable resource for the future study of papal Avignon, in particular, and for that of medieval urban society, economy, and demography in general.” – Prof. Kathryn L. Reyerson, University of Minnesota

“With this edition of the Liber and the Matriculae, Rollo-Koster has performed an invaluable service for historians of confraternities and ecclesiastical institutions. The volume is a must-read for anyone embarking on archival research in these fields, and for historians of papal Avignon, Rollo-Koster has established new parameters for an understanding of the events and impact of the “Babylonian captivity.”– Prof. Roisin Cossar, University of Manitoba

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kathryn L. Reyerson
1. Background to the Liber Divisionis
A. Avignonese Political Institutions
B. Population
C. Judicial Institutions
D. Citizens or Courtiers
2. The Liber Divisionis
A. External Description of the Document
B. Finality and Recording Procedure
C. Dating and Meaning of the Liber
D. Conclusion
3. Notre Dame La Majour
A. Avignonese Confraternities
B. Presentation and Statutes
C. Diplomatic Analysis
D. Recording Procedure
The Repetition of Names in Successive Lists
Crosses and Addenda
Roman Numerals

E. The Dates of the Documents
Dating ND2
Dating ND1

F. The Role of the Confraternity
G. Conclusion
4. How to Read the Documents
1. The Liber Divisionis
A. Editorial Marking
B. Standardization
2. Notre Dame la Majour
A. Editorial Marking
B. Standardization
3. Notes to the Documents
5. Edition of the Liber Divisionis
6. Edition of the Matriculation Lists of Notre Dame la Majour
Appendix One: Concordance: Place Names
Appendix Two: Concordance: Professions
Bibliography and Works Cited

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