Sociology of Law: A Bibliography of Theoretical Literature

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This revised and updated bibliography will help researchers quickly and effectively locate appropriate sources, and will be of most benefit to legal sociologists, legal anthropologists, law school professors, academic criminologists, criminal justice educators, etc.


“Treviño’s superb bibliography is organized around themes that place the theoretical literature of the sociology of law in both historical context and comparative perspective. The table of contents reads like a wonderful course outline. . . the author has used excellent judgment in selecting a relatively small number of the best and most enduring articles in each area. This will prevent the book from becoming dated for some time. Anyone teaching a theoretically inclined course in the sociology of law could easily turn the table of contents into a syllabus, then construct a set of readings for the course by selecting articles listed under each topic. This bibliography should be of immense value to scholars, and to students who want to quickly locate major writings on major topics in the field.” – CHOICE

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Introduction to the Third Edition
Introductions (First and Second Editions)
· The Sociology of Law: General; Concepts and Definitions of Law
· The Eastern-European Pioneers of the Sociology of Law: Eugene Ehrlich; Leon Petrazycki; Georges Gurvitch; Nicholas Timasheff
· Foundational Works in Law and Society: The Classical Tradition; Sir Henry Maine; William Graham Sumner
· The Sociological Movement in Law: General; Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.; Roscoe Pound and Sociological Jurisprudence; American Legal Realism
· Marxian Sociology of Law
· Weberian Sociology of Law
· Durkheimian Sociology of Law
· Structural Functionalism: General; Systems Theory
· Donald Black’s Pure Sociology of Law
· Conflict Theory
· Critical Legal Studies
· Feminist Jurisprudence
· The Anthropology of Law
· Postmodernism and Deconstruction
· The Socio-Historical Method: General; Anthropology; American Law; European Law
· Law and Society in Global Perspective: General; United States, United Kingdom; Italy; Netherlands; Poland; Scandinavia; Germany; France; China; Korea; Japan
· Encyclopedia of Sociolegal Terms
Index of Authors

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