Role of Music in Second Language Acquisition: A Bibliographical Review of Seventy Years of Research, 1937-2007

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In addition to its primary focus, this work includes rationales for uses of technology in second language acquisition and provides an abundant list of resources.


“Dr. Sposet’s impeccable research, her obvious love of the language and her joy in bringing music into the classroom will help our young people learn languages with greater ease and with greater enthusiasm.” – Prof. Mario Gerhardt

“The history of foreign language programs [contained within the work] is concise and serves as an excellent primer for future and current foreign language educators. - Prof. Janet Benson, Lorain Community College

“The documentation presented shows that teaching aspects of a second language via music spans the spectrum of an increased mastery of discrete grammar points to global goals such as a profound insight into cultural understanding.” - Prof. Rita Stroempl, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Table of Contents

List of Tables
Preface by Mario Gerhardt
1. Introduction
2. A Rationale for the Use of Music in the Second Language Classroom
3. Strategies Focusing on the Use of Music in the Second Language Classroom
4. Implementation of the Music in the Second (Other than English) Language Classroom
5. Implementation of Music in the Second (English) Classroom
6. Methodology
7. Results of Data Gathering
8. Summary of the Data
9. Discussion
10. Implications for Second Language Educators
11. Implications for Future Research

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