Bibliography of Sources in Christianity and the Arts

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This work offers lists of bibliographies, key works in the arts and works treating Christianity and the arts. Works have been selected primarily for their utility to those conducting research in the fine arts relating to Christianity and religion. General categories covered include bibliographies of bibliographies, aesthetics, architecture, cinema, dance and mime, drama and rhetoric, electronic communications (radio, TV, and video), fabric arts, literature, music, photography, visual arts (calligraphy to sculpture), wit and humor. Each major section and many smaller sections begin with brief reviews of scholarship in the subject, including references to the best works for beginners and specialists. Overviews also contain cross-references to related works in other sections.


"Kari (humanities, California Baptist College) has compiled a list of 5,200 bibliographies or books containing substantial bibliographies. Items were selected if they explore the fine arts and Christianity, with preference given to current works. English-speaking researchers are the target audience, and only a few titles in other languages are included. The volume is divided into broad groupings: aesthetics, architecture, cinema, dance, drama, radio/tv, fabric art, literature, music, photography, visual arts, and humor. Under each category Kari first lists bibliographies, then key works in that discipline. Cross-references are included for multidisciplinary titles, and there are author and title indexes. Although little has been written relating some subjects (e.g., film) to Christianity, this bibliography of bibliographies is broader in scope than one might expect. Nonetheless, it is recommended only for libraries that have faculty or upper-division students doing research in this field." - CHOICE

"Musicians welcome this book as a timely and comprehensive response to the recent resurgence of the arts within the Christian community. . . . Intended as a resource for research and development of arts in Christian praxis and cultic life, the bibliography is comprehensive. As the focus in Christian arts expands from a myopic emphasis on music and drama to broader spectrums of the arts, this book is laudable in its rigorous inclusion of all art forms. Comprised of works that address the diverse aesthetic, artistic, cultural, and philosophical perspectives of western Christianity, this bibliography is highly commendable. . . . Kudos to Daven Kari for compiling a valuable resource that will engender creative thought, research and action in the Christian arts community." -- Beverly A. Howard

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