Baptist Reflections on Christianity and the Arts Learning From Beauty

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Eight original essays in honor of William L. Hendricks, a prominent Baptist theologian who has devoted much of his life to promoting the use of art in the life of the church. With color illustrations.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Part I: A Baptist Theologian's Life with the Arts
William L. Hendricks: The Drama of a Life Evolving Toward a Focus on Theology and the Arts (John P. Newport)
An Ode to William L. Hendricks (Daven M. Kari)
Part II: Baptist Reflections about the Arts
Baptists and the Arts: Explicit and Implicit Signs of Grace (Bill J. Leonard)
The Ugly, The Beautiful, and The Holy in Worship (Ralph C. Wood)
David Took the Lyre: A Christian Reflection on Practical Theology and the Arts (David M. Rayburn)
Part III: Baptist Reflections on the Arts
Charles Williams and the Problem of Evil (Paul S. Fiddes)
Seeking the Feminine Side of the Trinity in Stained Glass (Daven M. Kari)
Lex Cantandi, Lex Credendi: Theology and Hymnody (Charles J. Scalise)
William L. Hendricks and the Hymns of the Church (Paul A. Richardson)
Part IV: Documentation of a Baptist Legacy
A Bibliography of Works by William L. Hendricks.

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