Shakespeare Apocrypha

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This volume of the Shakespeare Yearbook has brought together a number of outstanding articles from an international group of scholars united around the topic of the Shakespearean Apocrypha. The articles are followed by a series of book reviews on recent Shakespeare scholarship and notes on the contributors

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
General Editor's Introduction
Special Essay:
The Context of John Shakespeare's "Recusancy" Re-examined - Glyn Parry
Theme Essays
Shakespeare Supplanted - John Jowett Woodstock's Golden Metamorphosis - Michael Egan
A Play Finally Anonymous - Richard Preiss
A Fear of "Ould" Plays: How Mucedorus Brought down the House and Fought for Charles II in 1652 - Victor Holtcamp
Shakespeare's Dead Sea Scroll: On the Apocryphal Appearance of Pericles - Scott Maisano
"Beyond the Fringe"? Receiving, Adapting, and Performing The London Prodigal - Paul Edmondson
The Actors in Sir Thomas More - Tom Rutter
A Question (not) to be Askt: Is Hand D a Copy? - Gerald Downs
Apocryphal Agency: A Yorkshire Tragedy and Early Modern Authorship - Michael Saenger
Two Tough Nuts to Crack: Did Shakespeare Write the "Shakespeare" Portions of Sir Thomas More and Edward III? - Ward E. Y. Elliott and Robert J. Valenza
Looking for Shakespeare in Edward III - Marina Tarlinskaja
Canonical Breaches and Apocryphal Patches - Jeffrey Kahan
"'Tis a rightful quarrel must prevail": Edward III at Stratford - Nicola Bennett and Richard Proudfoot
General Essays
Shakespeare's Language and the Restoration - Massimiliano Morini
Reflecting on Performativity - William E. Engel
DeWitt, Van Buchell, the Swan, and the Globe: Some Notes - Johan Gerritsen
Book Reviews
Notes on Contributors

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