Self-Help Water Supply in Cameroon - Lessons on Community Participation in Public Works Projects

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This study adds to the sparse literature on the role of citizens in the development process. It examines the concept of community participation from practical and theoretical perspectives, and describes the experience of six villages in Cameroon with their respective water supply initiatives.. It focuses on the community participation element in each case, and explores questions regarding the project’s impact, as well as major constraints encountered during the course of the project. It also contains a discussion of the relationship between the state and rural communities and its role in rural development in Cameroon.


“Ambe Njoh’s work is a noteworthy and very exciting contribution because the work responds to the existing arguments about community development, expands the discussion on the theoretical underpinning of development and provides the strategies for sustaining development projects…. The inclusion of community residents in all the phases of development ensures commitments, loyalty, ownership, local support, positive responses, low cost production, durability and the sustainability of development projects. Njoh’s book clearly documents these important components of successful development and Dr. Njoh eloquently articulates the significance of these attributes in the case studies presented in the book…. Provides steps or procedures for operationalizing the concept of development. It offers possible steps for eradicating the major impediments that hinder community participation in development projects.” – Dr. Valentine James, Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. Introduction: Major Issues and Questions
2. Community Participation in Historical and Theoretical Perspectives
3. Community Development, Rural and Urban Water Supply
4. The Mutengene Water Supply Project (1960-1978)
5. Mpundu Village Pipe Borne Water Project (1963-1980)
6. The Bonadikombo (Mile Four) Water Supply Project (1969-1981)
7. Bolifamba (Mile Sixteen) Water Project (1976-1981)
8. The Small Soppo Water Project (1972-1984)
9. Community Participation: Nature, Role and Obstacles
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