Interorganizational Relations and Effectiveness in Planning and Administration in Developing Countries Towards a Strategy for Improving the Performance of Develoment Policy Organizations

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"One would never guess from the title of this book that it contains information and ideas that address contemporary urban and rural development issues from technical as well as non-technical perspectives that are often missing in many books written by academics. Njoh weaves real world development problems with theoretical underpinnings in such a way that this volume will appeal not only to academics in universities and colleges but mid-management personnel in developing countries and development experts in agencies of donor countries. . . Njoh presents a model approach which adds something original to the debate. . . . This book is highly recommended for serious scholars of development in the developing nations of the world and for mid-management personnel who are charged with the responsibilities of building capacities for effective and efficient functioning of institutions. Planners, developers, scholars and students of development should read this book." - Valentine Udoh James, Director, African Studies Program, Kalamazoo College

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