Seafaring in the Sixteenth Century: The Letter of Eugenio De Salazar, 1573

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Major new translation of the famous Spanish letter of Eugenio de Salazar (1573). Salazar's letter describes his voyage -- what his family, shipmates, and crew experienced and endured. An unusual look at post-Columbian, pre-Armada Spanish seafaring. Foreword (Prólogo) by José-María Martínez-Hidalgo, Retired Director, Museo Marítimo, Barcelona. Bi-lingual.


"His translation is exact, which makes this book a valuable asset to students of nautical maritime history as well as the scholars involved with the sixteenth century. . . . Mellen is to be congratulated on publishing this little-known but valuable historical reference. Seafaring in the Sixteenth Century is a book that one will read many times and will lead to many interesting discussions with others who have read it." - Thomas E. Colvin

"The work of translation of this 1573 letter is one of the most difficult that I can think of since it demands knowledge of a culture and technology of which little is left. And yet John Frye's text moves on with clear and limpid prose, as if a sailing ship in the hands of a master mariner. . . . We recommend it warmly. . . " - El Eco de Virginia

"Salazar's observations of shipboard life, descriptions of seafaring men, passenger accommodations, ship-handling, and equipment provide a rare contemporary look into the life aboard a ship of that period. Well worth reading for the maritime historian of the 15th-16th Century period." - The Sea Chest: Journal of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

"The value of the narrative account is that the writer, as a wide-eyed novice, provides information otherwise taken for granted and seldom recorded.. . . This account deserves to be readily available in an English edition." - The Northern Mariner

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