Los Otros - Columbus and the Three Who Made His Enterprise of the Indies Succeed

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An account of three men, without whose influence and resources Columbus' enterprise of the Indies would not have occurred. Martín Alonso Pinzón was a shipowner/navigator. His young brother Vicente Yáñez was also a navigator. Juan de la Cosa was owner of the merchantman Marigalante, to be chartered and renamed by Columbus the Santa María. The three of them had adventures, together or separately, poaching in Portuguese preserves of Atlantic Africa as far south as Guinea. These are their stories.


"John Frye's essay is short, imaginative, speculative, and stimulating. His emphasis on the nuts and bolts of the pre-voyage logistic support mounted in Palos is a fundamental and realistic note. . . . he clearly establishes that his case is important and does it while providing a good read with many imaginative critical insights." -- The Northern Mariner/Le Marin du Nord (Vol. IV, No. 3, July 1994)

"John Frye's crafts as writer and mariner are palpable in the richness of language maritime and Spanish that fills this book. . . . Frye's concern for justice in appraising the contributions of others to the enterprise comes through clearly but does not encumber the tale . . . . I can think of no other book to continue to learn about discovery in general, since Frye seems to understand intuitively what guides men in these matters, and about "The" discovery. The smooth and easy flow of this work is engaging and despite its heavy content in volume, the form eliminates the burden. Highly recommended for general readers and specialists." - René Pérez-López

". . . argues its points well, often typing digressions into the main line of argument neatly. Well-written and researched, lively and imaginative, the manuscript gives its readers a rewarding look at the context within which Columbus had to work on the First Voyage." - Timothy E. Morgan

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