Research Bibliography and Anthropological Study of Afro- Choco Communities on the Colombian Pacific Coast

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This book describes the acute structural plight of the Colombian Department of Chocó on the Pacific Coast. This Afro-Colombian, indigenous and mixed ancestry region is located in one of the richest areas of biodiversity remaining in the world and consequently gives rise to antagonistic confrontations due to the asymmetrical confluence of cultures in Colombian society.


“This study in cultural anthropology provides the reader with an essential guide to a society that forms an integral part of a country as rich and varied as Colombia… It provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, enabling the reader to gain a better understanding of the Chocó people.”
-José Louis Gonzalez –Arpide,
Professor in Cultural Anthropology,
University of León, Spain

“This work includes a plurality of cultures, such as Afro-Colombian, indigenous mestizo-criollo and white cultures, whose relations are still heavily influenced by the fact that the latter two groups wield most power. Thus, both indigenous peoples and Afro-Colombians constitute oppressed minority cultures in a society dominated by a national Colombian culture largely dictated by white and mestizo groups.”
-Dr. Iñigo González-Fuente,
University of Cantabria, Spain

“The present contribution offers scholars a comprehensive description and an informed interpretation of the processes by which Afro-Colombians and indigenous peoples have come together in the quest for social, economic and political equality within the framework of the Colombian State that emerged from the 1991 Constitution.”
-Dr. O. Holguín Rodriguez,
East Anglia, UK

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor J.L. González-Arpide
1. Black and Native Communities in the Chocó, Colombian Pacific Coast
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Chocó as Marginal Space
1.3 Main Progress; Education and Health
1.4 Conclusion
2. Conflict and Development in the Black and Native Communities of the Chocó Region of Colombia
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Situation and Living Conditions of the Negro Communities
2.3 Health and Education
2.3.1 Economy
2.4 Governance and Land
2.5 Organized Response
2.6 Native Communities
2.7 Conclusions
3. Some Data to Understand the Socio-Economic Development of Colombian Chocó
4. The Defence of the Traditional Territory of the Pacific Coast of Colombia (The Chocó)
5. The Organization of the Black Communities on the Chocó Coast in Colombia
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Our Culture Is One, In Town or Country
5.3 There Is Also Diversity Among Blacks
5.4 The Struggle for Rights: A Unifying Factor
5.5 Outstanding Topics to Be Regulated Urgently
6. Native Movements and Resistance in the Chocó Departments of Colombia
6.1 Change and Resistance in the Department of Chocó
7. Claretians and Natives in the Chocoan Pacific Coast (Colombia)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 The Work of the Claretians
8. Colombian Indigenous Through the Friede’s Work
8.1 Introduction
8.2 The Works
8.3 Personal Experiences
8.4 Final

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