Radio Patent Lists and Index, 1830-1980

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This work opens and organizes the patent literature for a hundred US and British radio inventors who worked between 1830 and 1980. The bibliography provides a list of each inventor’s US or British patents in chronological order, providing an indication of the inventor’s technical development. A keyword index locates patents by general subject. Since all entries in the bibliography and index are complete, either can be used as a stand-alone document (to verify patent dates or numbers, for example) or as a tool which can provide rapid entry into the numerous patent volumes themselves.


“The main use of this compilation is to save time. Anyone who has ever done a patent search will know how tedious the procedure can be … Kraeuter has performed a valuable service by taking his searches back as far as 1817 … The index is so extensive – over 10,000 entries – that it immediately invites browsing … [this book] belongs in libraries of science and technology, invention, and the history of electronic communication.” – Todd M. Yeager, M.L.S., West Virginia University

“. . . celebrates the patented discoveries of 100 creative Americans and Britons over a span of 150 years. His inventors range from the obscure Nathan Stubblefield to the quasi-celebrity David Sarnoff. . . . This reference provides, not just a tabulation of patents, but insight into the process of invention that took electronic communication from its beginnings in wire telegraphy to just before the solid-state era, and a set of tangible milestones in the careers of the inventors. It is a powerful resource for appreciating how electronics got where it is today.” – Ludwell Sibley, author of Tube Lore and editor of Tube Collector

“This reference book should find years of use by librarians, technology historians, and anyone with an interest in the patent literature of electronic communication.” – Paul A. Frisch, Ph.D. in History, University of California Los Angeles

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