Public Policy Making Process in Ghana: How Politicians and Civil Servants Deal with Public Problems

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Public policy is a process that evolves from a coalition of actors. In this book the authors take us through the step by step process of decision making and implementation of policy initiatives in the country of Ghana. Although the desired outcomes did not always occur, these initiatives can tell scholars and policy-makers what works and does not work in a developing country along with contingency variables that make a difference in policy areas.


“While Ghana’s policy process is the object and focus of analysis, the lessons flagged in the various chapters apply to practically all African countries, and possibly to the emerging economies. Its relevance cannot be questioned by policymakers and top career officials.’”
M.J. Balogun,
Founding Editor, African Journal of Public Administration and Management

“It will benefit policymakers and governments alike in their decision-making efforts. Overall, the manuscript offers an epistemic window on the political economy templates of public policy, the responses that implemented policies garner, and outcomes of such policies. In sum, the manuscript speaks to the genealogies of postcolonial public policy development, change, and continuity.”
Kwabena Akurang-Parry,
Shippensburg University

“Ghana’s policy dialogue is a microcosm of the global conversation over the role of government in stimulating economic growth.”
Michael Lofchie,

Table of Contents

Foreword by Michael F. Lofchie
Chapter 1: Introduction
Frank Ohemeng, Barbara W. Carroll, and Terrance Carroll

Chapter 2: Public Policy Making: The Ghanaian Context
Frank Ohemeng and Joseph R. A. Ayee

Chapter 3: Politicians and Bureaucrats as Generators of Public Policy in Ghana
Joseph R.A. Ayee

Chapter 4: Ghana Education Policy: Limitations and Strategies
Rose Baaba Folson

Chapter 5: Social Security Policy in the Context of Socio-Economic and Political Transformation
Michael Whyte Kpessa

Chapter 6: Ghana’s Health Sector Policies and Decentralization Experience
Emmanuel Kojo Sakyi

Chapter 7: Asylum Policy and Practices in Ghana
Amanda J. Cofie

Chapter 8: Economic Policies in Ghana
Alexander Bilson Darku

Chapter 9: Agriculture Policy and Research in Ghana: A Study of Persistence and Change
Korbla P. Puplampu

Chapter 10: Extractive Resources Policy in Ghana
Joseph R. A. Ayee

Chapter 11: Environmental Policy
Felix K. Anebo

Chapter 12: Re-orienting Ghana’s Foreign Policy Crowd
Thomas K. Tieku and Isaac Odoom

Chapter 13: Good Governance and Public Policy in Ghana: The Way Forward
Barbara W. Carroll and Frank Ohemeng

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