Medicine and Scottish Missionaries in the Northern Malawi Region, 1875 - 1930

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Examines medicine and health, colonialism and Christian missionary efforts in Central Africa through the case-study of the Livingstonia Mission of the Free Church of Scotland in Malawi between 1875 and 1930. The author describes ideas, practices and experiences of illness, health and medicine among missionaries, Africans and colonialists in the Northern Malawi region. This book contains two color maps.


“Dr. Markku Hokkanen’s carefully researched and sensitively analyzed study makes an important contribution to the growing literature on the history of medical missionary enterprises in the colonial world. Based on a detailed and imaginative reading of the correspondence and other documentation of Scottish missionaries in the Northern Malawi region between 1875 and 1930, it presents a nuanced picture of the complex encounter between medical missionaries and African communities in this critical period of Central African history.” - Dr. Megan Vaughan, Smuts Professor of Commonwealth History, University of Cambridge

“Dr. Markku Hokkanen’s book is a work of considerable breadth and depth, carrying forward the innovations of recent historical and anthropological scholarship on medical missionaries and their African interlocutors.” - Dr. Harri Englund, University Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Notes on Terminology
List of Abbreviations
Foreword by Megan Vaughan
1 Pre-Colonial Northern Malawi, Colonial Conquest and the Livingstonia Mission
2 Missionaries and Medicine in the Victorian Scottish Missionary Scene
3 Medical Mission in Livingstonia, 1875 - 1930
4 Quests for Missionary Health, 1875 - 1900
5 Early Therapeutic Encounters, Exchanges and Dialogues, 1875 - c.1900
6 Holistic Health and “Regeneration” of African People and Societies, 1875 - 1930
7 Missionaries, Christians and African Healers, 1875 - 1930
8 Exchanges, Middles and Networks: Negotiations for Therapy in the Mission Hospitals, 1900 - 1930
9 Public Health, Hygiene and Colonialism, 1890 - 1930
10 Quests for Health in an African Church, 1900 - 1930
11 Conclusion

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