Problems Facing Contemporary Africa and Viable Strategies for Redress

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Chapters examine the issues of political leadership and governance; social issues including chaotic health care systems, inadequate educational systems, overcrowded cities, ethnic conflicts, diseases, and environmental degradation; economic issues, trade theory and strategy, privatization, and the external debt burden; African history and traditions; and a prognosis on Africa’s future. This book will interest educators and students in African development studies, policy makers, and inter-governmental organization decision-makers.


“. . . carefully crafted, well argued and written book that reflects great depth of intellect and understanding of Africa’s growing leadership and other crises. The book’s political, social and economic backdrop provided an important context and understanding of the role a leadership can play in overcoming the grave challenges that face Africa and Africans. . . this book is likely to have a lasting impact on the large literature addressing Africa’s crisis but more so on the emerging literature on leadership in Africa. And because it is written in crisp and readable language its audience and appeal would go beyond the academy.” – Abdoulaye Saine

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Foreword by Luka Powanga
1. Political Issues and Challenges: The African Leadership Problematique; The Scourge of Corruption; Fading of African Nationalism; Governing in the 21st Century
2. Social Ills and Challenges: Chaotic Health Care Systems; Inadequate Educational Systems; Overcrowded Cities; Wars and Ethnic Conflicts; Ailments and Droughts; Environmental Degradation
3. Economic Issues and Challenges: Trade Theory and Strategy; Quest for Investment; Privatization Program; Structural Adjustments; External Debt Burden
4. Back to Cherished African Values: Dignity and Hard Work; Upholding Human Rights; Protecting Civil Rights; Righting the Wrongs
5. A Summing Up: Themes Explored; Whither Africa?; A Final Word
Bibliography; Index

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