How Abanyole African Widows Understand Christ: Explaining Redemption Through the Propagation of Lineage

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Christianity has become a major influence on African life. This book studies the way that sixteen African widows cope with grief by turning to Christology. Their daily lives are documented and show that they survive through their faith in Jesus. Most of them pray almost everyday, and their relationship with God reflects the different ways that each of them experiences grief. Several of the widows lacked genuine and binding companionship because people consider them burdens. So they stay away from public spaces and feel lonely, which could be the reason why they compensate by creating a relationship with God. Most of these women also conceal their loneliness because it often creates worry and anxiety in their children so they cry alone and in private.


“Maseno’s work is interesting on so many levels: both as methodologically innovative, and as a rich description of how Christ can be talked and thought about in a concrete African context in which widows are empowered by – concrete metaphorical – acts of naming.”

-Prof. Oddbjorn Leirvik,
University of Oslo

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