Perspectives on the Social Gospel Papers from the Inaugural Social Gospel Conference at Colgate Rochester Divinity School

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These essays address the important question of defining the term “social gospel”, showing that the social gospel, once seen as a clearly identifiable time period in American religious history, is not as easily defined as once thought, suggesting that it covers a broad spectrum of religious and theological traditions that can point beyond liberal Protestant and North American origins.

“. . . this collection seeks to give a more critical and fairer account of the Movement and to trace important continuities in later theology. Many who have read Rauschenbusch directly will welcome such a reassessment. . . . together they give a fresh and balanced perspective.” – Theological Book Review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by Max L. Stackhouse
Introduction: Defining the Target: Perspectives on the Social Gospel (Christopher H. Evans
1. Interpreting the Social Gospel: Reflections on Two Generations of Historiography (Ralph E. Luker)
2. The Social Gospel and Race in American Culture (Susan Curtis)
3. The Social Gospel and the American south: An Historiographical Appraisal (Stephen R. Prescott)
4. The Social Gospel at the Crossroads of Middle America: Washington Solomon Gladden and the First Congregational Church, Columbus, Ohio, 1882-1918 (C. George Fry)
5. Manifest Destiny, The Social Gospel and the Coming Kingdom: Josiah Strong’s Program of Global Reform, 1885-1916 (Wendy J. Deichmann Edwards)
6. The Prophetic Realism of Walter Rauschenbusch: A Comparative Study with Reinhold Niebuhr and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Thomas W. Simpson)
7. Called to a New Ethic: Walter Rauschenbusch and the Resuscitation of Vocation (Robert C. Trawick)
8. Culture, Class and Gender in the Progressive Era: The Social Thought of the Free Methodist Church During the Age of Gladden, Strong and Rauschenbusch (William Kostlevy)
9. Day-Dreams or Essential Christianity: The Emergence of the Social Gospel in British Methodism (Tim Macquiban)
10. Harry F. Ward, Social Gospel Warrior in the Trenches: The Social Gospel’s Staying Power During the War and Its Aftermath (David Nelson Duke)
11. Born Again in 1904: John R. Commons and the Social Gospel (Bradley W. Bateman)
12. Gifford Pinchot, the Conservation Movement and the Social Gospel (D. Keith Naylor)

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