People and Programs that Make a Difference in a Multicultural Society. Volunteerism in America

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Book contains a comprehensive compilation of scholarly research on the contributions of people from all walks of life – academicians, corporations, celebrities, parents, students, churches – who are making a difference in their respective communities and the nation through volunteerism and well-constructed programs. Includes addresses and websites. Ideal as a supplementary text in academic settings, as well as a reference guide to be used for those who have a desire to help others and make their contribution to humanity.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Charles Thomas, J. D.
Poem by LaToya Wilson
1. Alabama: Bo Jackson/America Goes Back to School
2. Arkansas: Sam Walton/Wal-Mart’s Scholarships
3. California: Mary Catherine Swanson/ Streetcats Foundation, California Migrant Education Literature Project, DIAL III Standardization
4. Connecticut: Paula Brown Edme/Waterbury Community Release Program
5. Delaware: Marianne Locke/Jersey Cape Dance Center
6. Florida: Ethel Koger Beckham/North Dade Center for Modern Languages; Communities in School
7. Georgia: Rosa Arnold; Jermaine Dupri/Tickets for Kids; Camp Sunshine
8. Hawaii: Lafete Tucker, Sr.; Jane Campbell/Speaking, Relating, and Learning; Indigenous Language Immersion Program
9. Idaho: Marilyn Howard; Vincent Muli Wa Kituku/Individualized Education Programs; Helping Homeless Families
10. Illinois: James T. Meeks; Kirby Puckett/High Jump Program
11. Indiana: Chris Karimu/Project SEED
12. Iowa: Shannon C’deBraca/Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program
13. Kansas: Emanuel Cleaver; Chris Whittle/ The Edison Project; Make-A-Wish Foundation; Midwestern Prevention Project
14. Kentucky: Deborah Grubb; Jerry Abramson/ Child Watch; Student Technology Leadership Program
15. Louisiana: Margaret A. Brown; Darryl Kilbert/Building Blocks; TAPSIS
16. Massachusetts: Marie McCormick; Mitchell Resnick/Cops and Kids; Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation
17. Michigan: Mark Bos; Ronald E. Hall; Fannie Dell Peeples/The Economic Club of Detroit Scholarships; Royal Readathon
18. Mississippi: Oseola McCarty/Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
19. Missouri: Laurie Sybert/A Hard Line for Learning
20. Montana: Chuck Hunter/Curriculum Innovation – Middle School Approach
21. Nebraska: Wolf Wolfensberger; Kim N. Lombardi/Youth Services International, Inc.; People’s City Mission
22. New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen/Hampshire County Youth Service
23. New Jersey: Lauryn Hill; David Wiesner/The Refugee Project
24. New Mexico: Martin J. Chavez/Little Kids, Big Projects
25. New York: Antonio Pantoja/The ASPIRA Association, Inc.
26. Pennsylvania: Curtis Martin: Creating a Caring Community in Classrooms
27. Rhode Island: Leona A. Kelly/Rhode Island’s Interactive Science Museum
28. South Carolina: Maggie Wallace Glover/South Carolina Higher Education Tuition Grants
29. South Dakota: Judith E. Kroll; William J. Janklow/Alcohol Free Kids; HUD Block Funds
30. Tennessee: Elizabeth Swartz/Network of Mindful Schools
31. Texas: Joe and Elvira Rodriguez/Accelerated Learning Center
32. Vermont: Susan Brody Hasazi/I-Team
33. Virginia: Jina Moore; Kevin Ward/Healthy Schools; Telephone Pioneers
34. Wisconsin: Marvin Schwan/TRIO
Appendix; Programs Designed to Help people

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