Patriarchal Murders of Women: A Sociological Study of Honour- Based Killings in Turkey and in the West

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Most studies on honor killing look at it as an extension of Islamic beliefs. This book takes a different approach in that the concept does not arise from any religious text, but rather is a result of a community that is utterly patriarchal in its social orientation. The oppression of women is not mandated by any religion, but rather it is a result of a community where women do not have a viable voice and as a result are treated violently. Over five thousand women are subjected to honor killings each year and this is a moving testament to solving the problem. It shows solutions to the problem of the honor killing of women and argues that the practice is not mandated by Islamic texts, but is a result of a patriarchal social context where women are subjugated.


“Certainly this offering is theoretically sophisticated, but also highly intelligible. The data that heavily inform her conceptual model are unique and insightful, and her methods serve as a model for others seeking to follow in her empirical footsteps.”
Prof. Walter S. DeKeseredy,
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Table of Contents

Foreword by Walter S. DeKeseredy
Introduction: Not a Story of Honour: Patriarchal Muders (PM) of Women
Chapter 1: Feminist Explanations of Control over Women’s Bodies & Sexual/Reproductive Behavior
Chapter 2: History of the Turks & Status of Women amongst the Turks
Chapter 3: Importance of ‘Namus’ (Honour)
Chapter 4: Virginity, Chastity, Fidelity and Patriarchy
Chapter 5: Patriarchal Murders/Honour Killings (PM/HK)
Chapter 6: Honour-based Forced Suicides, Culturally Induced Suicides & Passive Rebellious Suicides
Chapter 7: Criminal Justice System’s Response to Honour Crimes
Chapter 8: Face-to-Face Interviews & Round-table Discussions
Chapter 9: As Westerners, Why Should We Care?
Chapter 10: Lessons to be Learned: Patriarchal Murders in the West
Chapter 11: How Do We Break the Vicious Cycle
Interview Schedule & the Three Vignettes
Glossary of Turkish Terms

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