Cross Cultural Exploration of Wife Abuse Problems and Prospects

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New articles by internationally-known scholars in the area of interpersonal violence. The work and orientation are truly interdisciplinary, ranging from anthropology, psychology, women's studies to public policy and sociology. The articles explore both methodological and theoretical issues on wife abuse, shed light on existing debates in the field, often raising new and intriguing questions.

Table of Contents

Essays include:
The Family Violence and Woman Abuse Debate: Reviewing the Literature, Posing Alternatives (Katharine D. Kelly)
Measuring Wife Assault by Surveys: Some Conceptual and Methodological Problems (Alice Propper)
Agitators and Peace-Makers: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Older Women and the Abuse of Young Wives (Judith K. Brown)
The Interaction of Cultural and Personality Factors in the Etiology of Wife Assault (Donald G. Dutton and Cynthia van Ginkel)
Tradition or Tribulation: Thoughts on Woman's Opppression and Wife Abuse in Ghana (Rosemary A. O. Ofei-Aboagye)
Cash or Kind: Violence and Sexually Transmitted Debt (Jocelynne A. Scutt)
Wife Abuse and the Family's Crisis: The Case of Canada (John F. Conway)
Separate and Intersecting Realities: A Comparison of Men's and Women's Accounts of Violence Against Women (Russell P. Dobash, R. Emerson Dobash, Kate Cavanaugh, and Ruth Lewis)

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