Pandemic, Public Health, Race, and Class : The American Challenge (Soft Cover)

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Dr. Joseph Silver describes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the African American population of the United States. He considers its medical and social impacts.


"Dr Silver has deep knowledge of the economy and the health system of America and the disproportionate challenges they pose to the 14 percent black population and other minorities. This provides the space for his critical appraisal of the impact of the pandemic on the unending race inequality that has fueled several agitations in America’s political history. “Pandemic, Public Health, Race and Class: The American Challenge” is a fascinating reading companion which provides a step-by-step understanding of how America has dealt with previous pandemics in the past and why the Coronavirus pandemic has exposed a Leadership ‘starting from behind."
Kojo Yankah is former Member of Parliament and Minister of State and Minister of Central & Ashanti Regions in the Republic of Ghana. He is also the founder and past president of the African University College of Communications, AUCC, in Accra, Ghana

Table of Contents



Chapter I: The Coronavirus Pandemic Public Health

Chapter II: The Leadership Challenge in America: Starting from Behind

Chapter III: No Sector has Escaped the Wrath

Chapter IV: Same Virus, Different Impact: Race and Class

Chapter V: What We Learned and What We Should Have Learned

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