Black Religious Leadership From the Slave Community to the Million Man March Flames of Fire

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This study breaks new ground, challenging the myth that black leaders have been self-serving and historically conservative in the quest of political and economic empowerment. This interdisciplinary project features scholars in African-American Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Women's Studies, History, Communication, Political Science, Social Work and Organizational Behavior.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Introduction (Felton O. Best and Charles Frazier, Jr.)
1. The Paradox of Embedded Leadership: Black Religious Leaders as Followers, Pastors, and Prophets (Harold E. Massey)
2. Notes on the Typologies and Political Styles of Black Leaders in America (Nannetta Durnell)
3. Sending Up Some Timber: Elderly Slaves and Religious Leadership in the Antebellum Slave Community (Stacey K. Close)
4. When Black Gods Preached on Earth: The Heavenly Appeals of Prophet Cherry, Daddy Grace, and Father Divine (Benjamin Sevitch)
5. Father Divine's Peace Mission Movement in the Great Depression (Benjamin Sevitch)
6. The AME Church and American Politics (Larry Little)
7. One Church, Indivisible: The Political Structure of the AME (Larry Little)
8. Breaking the Gender Barrier: African-American Women and Leadership in Black Holiness-Pentecostal Churches 1890-Present (Felton O. Best)
9. For Strangers, Unborn Babes, Uncreated Worlds: The Mission of Malcolm X (Stephen R. Morris)
10. National News Magazines Portrayals of the Reverend Jesse Jackson as a Mythical Hero During the 1988 U. S. Presidential Campaign (Nannetta Durnell)
11. How Should Black Leadership Respond to Farrakhan's Attempt to Legitimize His Leadership in Black America? (Clarence Taylor)
12. The Political Dilemma of The Reverend Al Sharpton (Clarence Taylor)
13. Black Church Politics and The Million Man March (William E. Nelson, Jr.)

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