Non-Married Women and Asset Ownership: The Effects of Marital Status and Social Class on Wealth Accumulation

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Using census based data, this study examines whether or not differences in asset ownership for non-married women can be explained by race alone or whether other social and demographic variables help explain observed differences.


“. . . the [work] is both explanatory and predictive in examining the determinant of not only asset ownership but the levels of assets, in particular, the levels of the key components of the average American’s portfolio.” – Dr. Hayward Derrick Horton, Professor of Sociology, School of Public Health, State University of New York at Albany

“This study not only brings the issue of racialized gender economic inequality into focus but also highlights many areas for future fruitful research.” – Dr. C. Jama Adams, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

“The book has important methodological, theoretical, and social policy implications.” - Dr. David I. Rudder, Adjunct Faculty in M.S. in Strategic Leadership Program, Neumann College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Hayward Derrick Horton
1 Ain’t No Making It: Socioeconomic Status and Wealth in Historical Perspective
2 Trends in Net Worth and Wealth Composition
3 Explaining Difference
4 Perspectives on Wealth Inequality
5 A Home of Her Own
6 Living Single and In Business for Themselves
7 The Great Divide: Savings, Stocks, and Real Estate
8 Non-Married Female Baby Boomers and Asset Ownership
9 Conclusion
Appendix: Notes on Data and Methods

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