More Andalusian Women Poets: The Artistry of Southern Spain (Matilde Cabello, Araceli Franco, Inés Maria Guzmán, María del Carmen Guzmán, Isabel Pérez Montalbán, Balbina Prior, y Ana Patricia Santaella)

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This work is a continuation of the author's first work, Study of Twenty-First Century Andalusian Poets. The translated works of seven new Andalusian Women poets, with biographical details about the poets and their verse. This book is a facing page translation in English and Spanish.


"This work is valuable not only because of the important scholarly contribution that anthologizing and disseminating these highly regarded voices from contemporary Spain represents, but also because of the translators' ability to bring their poetry to life in another language, giving it access to another universe of readers." Professor James Lopez, University of Tampa

"The authors introduce each poet through a short bilingual biographical note containing excerpts from interviews of the poets conducted by Hidalgo-Calle and which also offers a window into the place of poetry in the lives, musings, and motivations of the poets. This volume, like the first, is capped off with a short bibliography of the poets' published works, which is helpful in guiding readers to a continued exploration of these women's poetic legacy. ... Hidalgo-Calle and Putnam are more than adept in this endeavor, offering translations that are not only true to the original text but that also preserve the lyricism, nuance, and color of the Spanish verses. ... Hidalgo-Calle and Putnam should be commended and applauded for continuing to endeavor to raise the profile of Andalusia's dynamic women poets and for bringing the verses of these women across the Atlantic and into the hearts and minds of Hispanophones and Anglophones alike." Dr. Vanessa Natale Rukholm, University of Tampa

Table of Contents

Prefacio de James Lopez, Ph.D.

Foreword by James Lopez, Ph.D.



Introduccion a la Traduccion

Introduction to the Translation

Matilde Cabello

Araceli Franco

Ines Maria Guzman

Maria del Carmen Guzman

Isabel Perez Montalban

Balbina Prior

Ana Patricia Santaella

Select Bibliography of the Poets

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