Legacy of Scottish Missionaries in Malawi

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Examines the attempt of the Central African Mission, and the work of the Scots, as they sought to fulfill Livingstone's vision of a missionary enterprise engaged in trade and commerce between Britain, Scotland and Malawi. It develops a full picture of the Scottish enterprise by examining both their internal policies on conversion, education, African culture and relations with Malawians, and their external policies focusing on socio-political involvement. The study contributes to knowledge of Malawi in the areas of missiology, and colonial history and politics, and gives insight into the attitude of Scottish churches and the Foreign Office.


". . . highlights several important points: the lack of missionary sensitivity to many aspects of African culture, the injustices of early colonial land policies, the low priority given to theological education, and the slowness to ordain African clergy. . . . a book worth reading as a brief introduction to a Malawian perspective on mission history. . . " -- International Bulletin of Missionary Research

"The author demonstrates a careful attention to detail that reflects both scholarly research and personal involvement . . . . anyone interested in the history of Christian mission and in the inevitable conflicts in cross-cultural situations will find this book a stimulating and humbling one." - Bruce F. Gannaway

"This is a well researched work that has extensively used archival materials in Malawi and the United Kingdom. Dr. Sindima is opening up a new frontier in Malawi missionary history and historiography in a number of ways. . . . He has made the participation and contributions of Malawians very visible. . . . this approach fits in very well with the new historical consciousness . . . . I have no doubt that this pioneering work among Malawian scholars will set the standard of debate on the impact of missionary presence on modern Malawi especially as it relates to the development of education and politics." - A. C. Musopole

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