History of the Hospitals of Pre-Modern Poland From the Twelfth Through the Eighteenth Centuries

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This book is the first comprehensive study of Polish hospitals from the high Middle Ages through the eve of the French Revolution, a subject virtually unknown in the Anglophone and Polish historiographies. The work examines the ways in which the conflicts between the Church, the nobility, and municipal authorities shaped Poland’s hospitals across six centuries.


“. . . [a] thorough and scrupulous study grounded in an immense store of primary source materials . . .” – Prof. Margaret L. King, Brooklyn College

“Roczniak’s examination of documents has been made in the light of a wider, Western European context, which makes this book very appealing to many audiences––it is a significant contribution to both social and institutional history.” – Prof. Robert A. Maryks, Bronx Community College

“One of Dr. Roczniak’s most original contributions is his focus on female donors. With the simultaneous growth of women’s history and civil society studies, American and European scholars have turned their attention to the role of women in the creation, maintenance and promotion of charitable institutions. Although Russian women’s efforts have been documented by Adele Lindenn-ieyr and others, Preserving the Poor fills a major gap in the literature by exploring women’s roles in a relatively unexamined area of Eastern Europe.” – Prof. Kathleen D. McCarthy, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Table of Contents

Foreword by Margaret L. King
1. The Experience of Polish Hospitals
2. Themes in the Early Development of Polish Hospitals
3. The Livelihood of Polish Hospitals
4. The Administration of Polish Hospitals
Appendix I: Major Hospitals in the Urban Centers of Kraków, Warsaw, and Pozna?
Appendix II: Granting of Privileges to the Holy Spirit Hospital in Kalisz by Duke Przemys?aw II in 1282
Appendix III: The Statutes of the St. Lazarus Hospital in Pozna?
Appendix IV: Charter of the St. Roch Hospital in Warsaw
Appendicx V: The Spiritual Responsibilities of the Inmates in the Holy Spirit Hospital of Przeworsk, in the Przemy?l Diocese, Based on the 1755 Visitation of Bishop Sierakowski
Appendix VI: Inventory of the St. Lazarus Hospital in Lublin Made During the 1781 Visitation
Inventory of the Prepozytura Hospital in a Markuszow Made During the 1781 Visitation
Appendix VII: The Manifesto of the Hospital Commission

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