Developmental Analysis of Cuba’s Health Care System Since 1959

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This book deals with the development of Cuba's elaborate health care system and critically analyses various aspects of it. It is a compendium of clinical and social information in that regard and, in particular, focuses on the impact of the US Trade Embargo and the Helms Burton Act on the continued viability of the enterprise. In this account, the medical reader will find a huge amount of relevant and difficult to obtain epidemiological and clinical data. The study discusses current areas of Cuban research as well as the historical context. The book is also readily accessible to the non-medical reader, so that social scientists, educationists and others can fruitfully use it.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Preface, Foreword

1.Cuba – A Medical Paradox

2.The Political/Philosophical Context

3.From Social Chaos to Health for all

4.Poor and Rich in Pre-Revolutionary Cuba

5.The Educational, Social and Political Context

6.Strategies Employed in Making Reforms

7.The Role of the Cuban Federation of Women

8.Developments in Public Health from 1976-1981

9.The Cuban Health Scene 1981 to the Present

10.How Cuba Deals with HIV+ / AIDS

11.The Family Doctor Programme

12.High Technology in Cuban Medicine

13.A Medical Volunteer's Account

14.Cuban Medicine in the Teeth of the Blockade

15.Health Care for the Nation's People

16.The Medical View of Cuba from America

Appendix: Demographic Data 1990; Bibliography, Index

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