History of Switzerland Volume One : Prehistorical Switzerland

This work in three volumes is about the geological, environmental, cultural, political, sociological, international, etc., development of Switzerland, from the Big Bang to the Future.

Series ISBN: 0-7734-7417-X


β€œTo my knowledge there is no recent work in the English language on Switzerland that is as encompassing and up-to-date, even including the latest Swiss referendum concerning their association with the European Union. This alone makes the volumes a worthwhile acquisition. But there are other reasons as well. . . . encompassing without having been over-done, academic without being pedantic, panoramic without losing sight of detail, and detailed without becoming boring. It is a positive addition to any library as well as a resource book for institutions concerned with other cultures and countries.” – Dr. Kurt Wallat

Table of Contents

Shows how the land was settled and developed and argues that Switzerland at the end of the Iron Age was already a crossroads of Europe with a non-segregated society.

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