Varieties of Linguistic, Religious, and Geographical Identities in Europe: Essays on the Problem of European Unification

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This work addresses one of the main challenges to the European Union: how to handle increasing problems of identity – not only with reference to its own place within the world community but the variety of national and regional identities within its borders.


“Of course European integration has not happened in a vacuum, and the theme of this book with [its] focus on identities is very prescient . . . Indeed, in this brave new world of regional governance that the European Union has created for itself lies both threats (to national sovereignty and heterogeneity) and opportunities (for creation of a market economy that encourages innovation and technological change.). Clearly, the ground rules that are laid down establishing both “the rules of the game” and the institutions that modify and enforce these rules will have long-lasting effects.” – Patrick Crowley, Professor of Economics, Texas A&M University and Chair of the European Union Economics Interest Section in the United States

“This rich array of essays covers everything from language issues, to historical memory to the feasibility of collaborative political strategies for Europe. . . . Assessing the ramifications from New Zealand presents a fresh perspective for EU and European Studies scholarship from across the disciplines.” – Dr. Bernadette Luciano, Associate Professor of Italian, Head of the School of European Languages and Literature, University of Auckland

Table of Contents

1. Identities: a Challenge to the EU – David G. Mayes
2. The Challenge of Co-existence? Islam and Europe in the Twenty-first Century – Barrie Wharton
3. All Happily Gathered Together Around Their Colonial Campfires? A Nineteenth-Century Polish Traveller’s Observations on Some European Colonising Nationalities in the Antipodes – Sarah Cozens
4. In Their Own Voices: Indigenous Pacific Writers Writing Sexual Violence and the Challenge for Europe – Raylene Ramsay
5. Language Policies and their Implementation Regarding Regional and Minority Languages in the European Union: the Case of the Sardinian Languages – Franco Manai
6. Border Blues: A Socioeconomic Needs Assessment of Ukrainian Economic Migrants Post Poland’s European Union Accession – Amanda J. Laichak
7. The European Connection with Tonga – James Bade
8. Gunter Grass and the Politics of the Past – and Present: The “Grass-Debate” of 2006 – James Braund
9. Equality as Reciprocity: Kieslowski’s Cinema Lesson for the New Europe – Deborah Walker
10. Perceptions of European Union Member State Diplomats: The Potential Impact of the EEAS in New Zealand – Serena Kelly
11. Multicultural Histories of European Globalisation by Fernández-Armesto: From Colonial to Postcolonial Shifts in Cultural Centres and Peripheries – Roberto González-Casanovas

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