Hispanic Poetry in Los Angeles 1850-1900 La Poesía Angelina

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This anthology features poems published in Spanish-language newspapers during the years 1850-1900, now accessible only in microfiche. The anthology has an 85 page introduction (in English) that briefly presents the major literary tendencies in Spain, Latin America, and Mexico during those years. This literary history serves to demonstrate how the Angelino poetry followed these major paradigms and how it evolved and became a unique poetry. To complement the historical survey, a brief description of the social environment in Los Angeles is included. In addition, a short presentation on how the Spanish printing press and newspapers evolved in America is presented to show how these two processes contributed to the literary and cultural background of this ethnic group.
The newspapers include: La Estrella, El Clamor Público, La Crónica, El Aguacero, La Reforma, El Eco de la Patria, El Demócratica, El Eco Mexicano, Spanish American Review, and La Unión


“…this is an important book. It brings together for the first time the poetry published in the Spanish-language periodicals of nineteenth-century Los Angeles (California), from La Estrella in 1851 to La Unión in 1897…. What is of interest is that the Peninsular poets should feature so prominently. This is certainly a topic that could be researched in greater depth. Another notable feature is the number of women poets: Julieta Ospina, Julia de Arsensi, Mercedes de Vargas, and Antonina Idalgo primarily. The poems are reproduced in the second part of the edition, consisting of over three hundred pages. They are printed on quality paper and have been edited with great care (I have come across no typographical errors), generally retained the original spelling, punctuation and grammar. In addition, the poems included in the introductory chapters have been translated by Ruiz into English…. It is to be hoped that his efforts in putting this poetry into the public domain are rewarded by attracting further research into this fascinating chapter of American cultural history.” – Modern Language Review

“. . . a solid contribution to scholarship in a lesser known but interesting area. While recent Chicano literature has gained a measure of fame, nut much has been known about such literature in Los Angeles in the 19th century…. this manuscript presents a wealth of poetry and a discussion of it which are new. In the critical section of the manuscript the author shows a mature, scholarly style and a good command of English. He presents his material clearly and forcefully…. He handles well the interweaving of general cultural material and the specific theme in the poem.” – Carl Cobb

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Foreword
Part I: Context
1. Literary and Social Background 1850-1900: Overview; Spain, Latin America; Social Background in Los Angeles – Spanish domination, Mexican domination, Anglo-American Occupation, Los Angeles 1850-1900; Printing and Newspapers in America – Spanish-Language Newspapers in LA, Chicana/o/Mexican American/Spanglish/Pocho Poetry in LA
2. Understanding la Poesía Angelina: Overview; Dominant Themes – love, life, social and political criticism, nature, spiritual and value system. Versification – Cuarteto, Redondillas, Serventesio, Estrofa sáfica, Romance, Octavas Reales; Octava italiana; Sonnets; Miscellaneous Verse forms – 2, 3, 4 syllable verses, tercets, quihitillas, setimas or seguidillas, letrillas, other; The development of literary imagery
Part II: Text
La Poesía Angelina Periódicos
Works cited; Index

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