English Translations of Short Stories by Contemporary Argentine Women Writers

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“A fine collection as well selected and edited as this one serves as an example of the stylistic and artistic diversity of the new fiction produced by an outstanding generation of Argentine women writers. For their original and impeccable quality, the selected works form a valuable volume which will be of interest to students and scholars interested in feminist, multicultural and gender studies. Sally Webb Thornton’s translations demonstrate a superb skill and command of both English and Spanish.” – Maria Claude Andre

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Realism
· Tango and Feathers (María Isabel Clucellas
· Saying Goodbye Through 25 Centuries (Alicia Jurado)
· The Postponed Journey (Martha Mercader)
· Haguit (Laura Nicastro)
· Crossing Oceans (Flaminia Ocampo)
· A Death in June (Mabel Pagano)
· A Change of Heart (Silvia Plager)
· Transforming the Desert (Reine Roffé)
· Returning by Train with Borges (María Esther Vázquez)
2. Magic Realism
· The Journey of Amatista and the Dirty Prince (Elvira Orphée)
· The Stairway in the Gray Patio (Irma Verolín)
3. The Fantastic
· Dream Tiger (Rosalba Campra)
· Blue Lagoon (Alina Diaconú)
· Compound Eyes (María Rosa Lojo)
· The White Guanaco in the Middle of France (Ana María Shua)

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