Harold C. Schmidt: A Choral Conductor's Life and Legacy (softcover)

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"This biography illuminates the life of Harold Carl Schmidt (1909-1993)--a leading collegiate choral conductor and music educator of the mid-twentieth century. ...A man of manifold musical talent, Schmidt was a conductor, teacher, lecturer, violinist, tenor soloist, editor, and occasional composer who brought the give of music to many thousands of students and audiences for more than half a century." -from the Author's Preface

Table of Contents

I. Family History and Formative Years 1909-1928
II. Harvard College Undergraduate Years 1928-1932
III. A Graduate Year at Harvard (1932-1933) and A Call to Teach at Fisk University
IV. The Fisk Years Fall 1933-1938
V. The Fisk Years: Summer 1938-Summer 1944
VI. Three Years at Western College Fall 1944-Summer 1947
VII. Stanford University: Autumn 1947-Summer 1957
VIII. Stanford University: Autumn 1957-Summer 1967
IX. Stanford University: Autumn 1967-Summer 1975
X Retirement Years: Fall 1975-Summer 1993
Appendix I: Correspondence with Mary Pickard Winsor (Aunt Pick)
Appendix II: Supporting Documents
Appendix III: Schmidt's Original Compositions and Exercises
Appendix IV: Published and Unpublished Music Edited by Schmidt
Appendix V: Recordings
Appendix VI: Conductors for Whom Schmidt Prepared Choruses
Appendix VII: Stanford Memorial Church Choir Repertoire from Extant Orders of Service and Programs
Appendix VIII: Other Remembrances of Schmidt at Stanford

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