H. H. Farmer, Reconciliation and Religion Some Aspects of the Uniqueness of Christianity as a Reconciling Faith Gifford Lectures, University of Glasgow, 1951

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Presents Farmer's personalist encounter theology as presented in the Gifford lectures. Includes a lengthy essay introducing the thought of Farmer


“It was Farmer’s original intention to publish these later lectures, but for various reasons (explored in the introduction to this volume) they remained in unpublished manuscript. . . their publication here, with an informative introduction to Farmer’s thought along with careful editing by Christopher Partridge, is to be welcomed. . . .reveals the wealth of insight and scholarship that is to be found in British theology when we, who have been raised in the Germanic forms, are prepared to look. It also shows that there is much to be learned in our current theological situation from the wisdom of past teachers. Farmer was able, in a sophisticated way, to maintain a sustainable argument for Christian uniqueness alongside a recognition of God’s omnipresent availability to all people. But Farmer never lost sight of the inevitable discontinuity which exists between the human and the Divine which is necessarily present in all experience of living religion. If the publication of these lectures can help us to remember this, and to recognise its implications in full, it may also help us out of the current pluralistic impasse which savours too much of ‘becoming all things for all men’. The project will then have been more than worthwhile.” – Robert Pope in the Journal of the United Reformed Church History Society

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Part One: INTRODUCTION: Religion and Theology
Part Two: GOD AND THE WORLD: Immanence and Transcendence; Time and Eternity
Part Three: GOD AND THE SELF: God's Demand and God's Succour; Morality and Religion
Part Four: THE SELF AND THE WORLD: The Significance and the Non-significance of the Self
Bibliography of the Writings of H. H. Farmer

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