Grace and Human Freedom According to St. Gregory of Nyssa

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This is a major study of Gregory of Nyssa's thought, which has been unduly neglected and underestimated by scholars. The relationship between grace and freedom is among the more significant focal points in Christian theological reflection, and Gregory of Nyssa's thought in this area is rich and provides abundant material for detailed analysis of the Eastern alternative. This study examines his view of grace and freedom within his own historical setting, and particularly in the context of his thought as a whole. It is a significant new analysis of centithetical thinking, which is important in much patristic and Byzantine theology.


"As an eastern theologian of growing prominence, Harrison writes about Gregory with understanding and passion. No course on grace and free will should be without this book." -- Religious Studies Review

". . . Harrison should be highly commended for writing this study of the great Cappadocian Father. Beside its great value for patristic scholars, it is a major addition to the books on Orthodox theology and spirituality." - Coptic Church Review

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