Goddess, Mother of the Trinity a Jungian Implication

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Systematically covers Jung's criticism of biblical imagination, the Goddess as Mother of the Trinity, and Jung's appropriation of Eckhart to make the above points. The three sections of this work are entitled "Jung's Critique of Biblical Imagination: An Appreciative Undermining," "The Goddess as Mother of the Trinity," and "Jung and Meister Eckhart: Breakthrough to the Goddess."


"The book successfully shows the importance of a paradigm shift from a Trinitarian model of divinity to a quaternarian one. . . . The strength of the book lies in Dourley's sensitive description of Jung's 'appreciative undermining' of Christian dogma and theology, as well as in his development of the argument for the connection between the ego and the unconscious as 'the basis of the epistemic inevitability of the human sense of God' (p.18). His 'cosmic maternity' thesis is, on the whole, well argued, drawing from both Jung and Eckhart." - Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses

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