Spiritual Empowerment in Afro-American Literature- Frederick Douglass, Rebecca Jackson, Booker T. Washington, Richard Wright, and Toni Morrison

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An interpretation, based on the assumption that liberation is a central motif in the faith of Afro-Americans, of selected literary works in the Afro-American tradition.


". . . Evans' discussion of individual texts is truly illuminating. His discussion of the central role of myth in Morrison's Song of Solomon, for example, is one of the best I have seen. Moreover, in this chapter as well as in others, Evans presents the kind of bold and audacious interpretation that readers will find at once problematic and suggestive." - John O. Hodges, The Journal of

". . . presents both Afro-American literature and Afro-American religion as types of cultural expression which embody the struggle for liberation. . . . deserves to be read . . . provides helpful analyses of a number of well known Afro-American writings . . ." - The ABC Theological Journal

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