Imagery’s Place in Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Healing Perspectives From Religious and Mystical Traditions

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Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Foreword; Preface
1. Introduction: The Mind-Body connections; Imagery; Shamanism, Hindu, Yogic, Buddhist Tibetan; Christianity and Judaism; Islam
2. Healing Imageries in Shamanism: Images, causes, healing techniques, technical Aids (narcotics, symbols); metamorphoses
3. Yogic Imagery Techniques in Hinduism: systems; yoga; spiritual personalities; eight stages of royal yoga; other yogas
4. Buddhist Imagery Techniques: origins; eightfold path; schisms, kundalini or shakti yogas; bardo
5. Imagery Techniques from Jewish Kabbalah: doctrine and origin; imagery; Abulafian and their contemporary schools; theosophy
6. Techniques from Christian Mysticism: contemplation; Jesus; St Paul, St. John; Fathers of the Church; imagery exercises; Francis of Assisi; Catherine of Siena, Ignatius of Loyola; Teresa of Avila; John of the Cross
7. Sufi Imagery from Islam: 5 pillars of Islam and Sufism; mystical path, the Qur’an; states and stages, approaches to God; Imagery in Sufi symbolism, Arabic alphabet, calligraphy.
8. Conclusions
Glossary; References; Index

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