Fifty Year Role of the United States Air Force in Advancing Information Technology. A History of the Rome, New York Ground Electronics Laboratory

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This work provides information previously unavailable to the wider scholarly community: the role of the US Air Force in advancing information and electronics technology. The Air Force established a far-reaching research effort upon becoming a separate service in 1947 and maintains it today. Rome Laboratory, established in 1951, became the Air Force’s primary ground electronics laboratory. Relying on previously classified as well as documentation in the public sphere, this work details Air Force involvement in the development of radio, radar, communications satellites, computers, solid state devices, and photonics. The Cold War serves as backdrop until the last chapter, when attention shifts to more contemporary activities. Each chapter examines an Air Force mission, the technologies employed to accomplish it, and Rome Laboratory’s role. Originality and unique documentation make this work a must-read for those interested in the history of science and technology, Air Force and Department of Defense roles in the information revolution, military history, Cold War history, and the social and economic impact of Air Force R&D on the communities of central New York.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword; Introduction
1. Heritage
2. Surveillance
3. Communications
4. Intelligence
5. Command and Control
6. Reliability
7. Aircraft
8. Wars
9. Horizons
10. Epilogue
Bibliography; Appendix; Glossary; Index

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