Social and Gender Boundaries in the United States. Studies of Asian, Black, Mexican, and Native Americans

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While race, ethnicity, gender, and class have traditionally been the most important axes along which hierarchical relationships have been defined in American society, recent years have seen an examination of the "intersection" of race and class, or of ethnicity and class, so that some joint combination determines the relative positions of given individuals as well as of groups.


". . . quite valuable because it provides the reader with a more useful understanding of the complexity of reality (past and present) as well as the limitations of stagnant theory. . . . a very welcome addition to Ethnic Studies." _ Amerasia Journal

". . . the piece by Guitirrez on changing ethnic and class boundaries among Hispanics, and the selection by Hurtado on women of color are . . . particularly good. . . . a worthwhile contribution to the literature on the intersections of race, class, and gender." - Choice

". . . a superbly edited collection of eleven essays that extend our understanding of racial and gender inequality. . . . contains some of the best writings of Ethnic Studies scholars who are seeking alternative paradigms to the Eurocentric models of the orthodoxy, and taken together they comprise the kind of scholarly inquiry that will help us define a discipline of Ethnic Studies." - Gary Y. Okihiro

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