Fifteen Sermons of Friendrich Schleiermacher Delivered to Celebrate the Beginning of a New Year

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Volume contains fifteen extant sermons and four extant sermon outlines that span a period of 43 years, from 1791 to 1834. What marks these sermons as special is not only their timing and context but also their finding ways to anticipate a conjoining of more general (secular) and religious Christian actions and their corresponding points of view. The study also contains a brief review of To Cecilie, On What Gives Value to Life, the Soliloquies, and Christmas Eve: A Dialogue, works written within the time frame of the first five New Year Sermons. These works offer insight into Schleiermacher’s appreciation of human frailty, of moral development, and enhance the readings of the New Year sermons

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Editor’s Introduction
1. Related Writings: To Cecilie, On What Gives Value to Life, the Soliloquies, and Christmas Eve: A Dialogue
2. The New Year Sermons: Self-Improvement; Childlike Trust in God; Fear of the Lord; Wisdom; Love; The Force of Love; Pleasing Another; Christ as Teacher; The Reign of God
3. Concluding Remarks
4. Works Cited
Sermons for a New Year by Friedrich Schleiermacher
· 1791 Sermon Matthew 7:11
· 1792 Sermon on Psalms 90:10
· 1793 Sermon on Matthew 12:19-20
· 1794 Sermon on Psalms 26:8
· 1797 Sermon on Ecclesiastes 1: 8-9
· 1800 Sermon Outline on 1 Peter 5:7 and 1803 Sermon Outline on 2 Chronicles 1:10
· 1807 Sermon on Matthew 10:28
· 1812 Sermon on John 1:35-51
· 1821 Sermon on Luke 1:76-79
· 1824 Sermon on Job 38:11
· 1825 Sermon on Hebrews 10:24
· 1826 Sermon on Revelation 21:1-5
· 1827 Sermon on Revelation 22:12
· 1832 Sermon on Romans 14:7, 8
· 1833 Sermon on Romans 15:1-3
· 1834 Sermon on John 20:19

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