Brief Outline of Theology as a Field of Study

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Gives Schleiermacher's own distinctive theory of theological study as he presented it at the University of Berlin in 1811.


"It is appropriate that the first volume in a projected series of 200 volumes entitled "Schleiermacher Studies and Translations" is this significant work of Schleiermacher published in 1811 and in 1830. . . . [I]t provides the reader with the clearest distillation of the conception of the nature of theology in terms of its constitutive disciplines, namely, Philosophical, Historical, and Practical Theology . . . . In sum, a good beginning of a significant series." - David L. Mueller in Review and Expositor

"This new edition should make an important text available to a wider readership: `Brief Outline' is an excellent introduction to the theology of Schleiermacher, which continues to speak to leaders of the church, both lay and ordained." - Theological Book Review

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