Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Iinterpretation of the Epistle to the Colossians. A series of Sermons (1830-1831)

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These 16 sermons, on the Book of Colossians preached by the theologian and pastor Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher (1768-1834), made available here in English for the first time, provide an instructive insight into the thought and work of Schleiermacher, as the experiential elements of this particular book of the bible are central for understanding Schleiermacher’s explication of Christianity.


“In the English translation offered here, Schleiermacher’s sermons on Colossians come across as an inspired, eloquent, tersely compact and stimulating event in themselves. Early on, I regarded Buran Phillips’ ordered reflections on them to be a most fitting and timely accompaniment, and I still do.” – Prof. Terrence N. Tice, Iliff School of Theology

“[Phillips’] introductory essays are the most thorough analysis of Schleiermacher’ s preaching against the background of his theology and hermeneutics, and by translating a series of sermons on a single New Testament text he opens the possibility of a better understanding of Schleiermacher’ s expository preaching than is the case with the few translated sermons on various topics that are presently available in English translation.” – Prof. Jack Forstman, Vanderbilt University

“For scholarly libraries, Chapter II might be considered worth the price of the book, for in it Phillips takes up the importance of hermeneutics, particularly Schleiermacher’s, and its connection to one’s interpretation and understanding of Scripture and the concept of biblical authority. The exposition articulated here would be of interest not only to theologians, but to philosophers as well by its clear elucidation of the rationalist and empiricist schools of thought as they pertain to interpreting language and experience.” – Prof. Frank H. Marsh, University of Colorado at Denver

Table of Contents

Foreword by Terrence N. Tice
1. Schleiermacher’s Homiletical Background
Significance of the Colossians Sermons
The Reformed Heritage
The Nature of Preaching
The Purpose of Preaching
2. Scripture, Language, and the Art of Interpretation
Preaching and Scripture
Language and the Art of Interpretation
Grammatical Interpretation
Psychological/Technical Interpretation
3. The Word Made Flesh
Preaching and Doctrine
The Person of Christ
The Work of Christ
Conclusion and Summary

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