Factors Affecting Demand for Primary Health Care Services by Residents in Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes

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This book investigates the demand for general practice and community nursing services generated by residents in residential homes, nursing homes and dual-registered homes in an area where there is a high concentration of such facilities. The costs of care are analyzed in a production of welfare framework which shows that there was no direct relationship between degree of dependency and the demand for primary healthcare services.


“This study fills an important gap in the literature. The report is extremely clear and the methodology careful and appropriate. The results show that dependency of residents in homes has increased considerably over the last 20 years. Furthermore, there is a large overlap between nursing and residential homes in the level of dependency. . .These results have clear implications for policy and cost effectiveness and deserve a wide audience. The book will be of interest to a wide range of health care professionals and managers concerned with residential care for elderly people.” – Sheila Glenn

Table of Contents

“The authors have an established reputation for research of the highest quality and the manuscript reflects this. It also takes considerable skill to collect accurate and meaningful cost data, let alone to analyse this within an appropriate framework. In producing this manuscript the authors have not only managed these tasks but done so in a very concise way.” – Gordon Grant
Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Introduction
2. Research objectives, methods and procedure
3. Dependency levels in nursing, residential and dual-registered care homes
4. Demand for primary health care services
5. The study of matched responses
6. Factors affecting demand for primary health care services
7. Discussion
References; Appendix; Bibliography; Index

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