Ethical Foundations of Socialism

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This book presents a general overview of the lives and works of William Temple and R. H. Tawney. The author examines their notions of acquistiveness, re-evaluating other themes in their works in light of this. The ethical socialism of Tawney and Temple is appraised to examine and evaluate their ideas and to establish their philosophical and historical legacy.


“This is a salutary tale of the twentieth century, and raises the question whether some of the Tawney-Temple preoccupations, especially on acquisitiveness, are not rope for revival.” - Rev. Dr. John J. Vincent, Urban Theology Unit, University of Sheffield

“In this carefully researched, timely and important work, Richard Woolley examines the supposed indebtedness of New Labour to Temple and Tawney, ... New Labour has failed to take account of the valuable insights from Temple and Tawney that can still inform the very different world from that in which they lived and worked.” - Dr. John W. Rogerson, Professor of Biblical Studies Emeritus, University of Sheffield

"The significant contribution of this book is that it explores the joint contribution of Tawney and Temple. ... [T]hey paved the way for the creation of the Welfare State and the transformation of the education system.” - Dr. Mike Cole, Research Professor in Education and Equality, Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln

Table of Contents

Foreword by John J. Vincent Preface Acknowledgements
1 Context
2 Contemporaries in a Remarkable Sense
3 Acquisitiveness
4 Fellowship, Freedom, Equality and Service
5 The Legacy of Tawney and Temple

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