Escritoras PuertorriqueÑas De La Transicion Del Siglo XIX Al Xx: Carmela Eulate Sanjurjo, Ana Roque Y Luisa Capetillo

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This study analyzes representative works by Puerto Rican authors: Carmela Eulate Sanjurjo, Ana Roqué, and Luisa Capetillo, for their treatment of the topic of women. The historical background is the transition associated with 1898, and the conceptual background is that of the roles of women in the Puerto Rican society and nation at the time. In Spanish.


“. . .shed[s] light as to why there are no strong links between the separatist movement and the feminist movement during feminism’s first wave [in Puerto Rico].” – Prof. Norma Valle Ferrer, University of Puerto Rico

“Nancy Bird-Soto, with a firm and meticulous grip, guides us trough the layers of the (proto) feminist discourse of three Puerto Rican writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” – Prof. Pilar Melero, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

“The writers included in this study are important figures whose presence, work, and texts should not be overlooked or understudied. This study offers an astute perspective of diverse Puerto Rican women writers and their textual production at the turn of twentieth century.” – Prof. Lara A. Walker, Dickinson College

Table of Contents

Prólogo por Norma Valle Ferrer
1. Mujer y amenaza: La muñeca de Carmela Eulate Sanjurjo
2. El contraste como educación: Luz y sombra de Ana Roqué
3. Sobre los contratos sociales y la igualdad: Luisa Capetillo

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