Sara La Obrera Y Otros Cuentos: El Repertorio Femenino De Ana RoquÉ

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This study analyzes the literary importance of the collection of stories entitled Sara la obrera (y otros cuentos) (1895) by Puerto Rican author Ana Roqué. Its primary focus is the concept of ‘woman’ through a repertoire of female characters that, due to its own variety, challenge the uniform aspect embedded in that concept. By underscoring it literary value and including an edition of this text, this book re-inscribes Sara la obrera (y otros cuentos) in the area of Puerto Rican and women’s literature.


“Bird-Soto, utilizing a theoretical richness founded not only on feminist studies, to which she links the works of a representative author of postcolonial studies such as Homi Bhabba, as well as Latin American criticism, allows us to see the relevance of analyzing the texts that have been invisibilized and the spectrum of images and problematic representations that these compromise.” – Prof. Carmen Centeno Añeses University of Puerto Rico

“We should acknowledge the pioneering role of Roqué’s Sara la obrera (y otros cuentos) in defying traditional conceptions of womanhood. This text presents, in a subtle way, challenges to the discourse of the prevailing ideology, without being overtly threatening to its readers. Although its intention is not to “create a nation”, this study saves Ana Roqué’s collection from being marginalized, and places it among Spanish and Latin American prose writers of the XIX century.” – Prof. Suzette Acevedo-Loubriel, University of Puerto Rico

“This book gathers a varied bibliography, very helpful for the broader understanding and enjoyment of a literary work that portrays a social history heralded by Puerto Rican women.” – Prof. Aline Frambes-Buxeda, Universidad Interamericana/Editor of Homines

Table of Contents

Prólogo por Carmen Centeno Añeses
Introducción: Las bases del repertorio femenino
1. Sara la obrera: La novela
2. Otros cuentos
Sara la obrera y otros cuentos

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