Environmental Design for Reclaiming Surface Mines

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This book describes in detail procedures to employ surface mining operations to create usable land after the mining operations cease. Planning and design experts from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Greece, specialists in reclaiming surface mine landscapes, describe principles to reclaim land for specific uses. Case studies and examples from across the globe illustrate these principles. This book will interest professional planners, engineers, landscape architects, land managers, and environmental scientists. With color illustrations.


“. . . presents a useful and much needed synthesis of the basics of mining and topics related to the reclamation of mined lands. It will serve both design and planning professionals and students. The range of topics is comprehensive enough so that anyone new to reclamation and mining can read the book and gain an understanding of the full scope of reclamation issues and opportunities. The practitioner in reclamation can broaden her knowledge by using individual chapters as an introductory reference to a new topic because each chapter stands alone as a facet of reclamation, such as the history and application of legislative regulations. Case studies at the end of each chapter tell how principles were applied or how a particular problem was managed. . . . Probably the most important aspect of the book is that it is a terrific resource and reference guide. The bibliography alone is worth the price of admission.” – Susan C. Wessman, ASLA, Chair, Post-Mining land Use Technical Division, American Society for Surface Mining and Reclamation

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Post-Mining Land-Use Reclamation: An Introduction from a Planning and Design Perspective (Jon Bryan Burley)
Case Study: A Ordination of Reclamation Regulations (Debra Gellar, Anthony M. Bauer, and Jon Bryan Burley)
2. The Principles of Mining (Georgeanna Collins)
Mining and Reclamation: A Florida Phosphate Case Study (Jon Bryan Burley)
Taconite Tailings Basin Case Study: Accommodating a Minnesota Northshore Environment (Jon Bryan Burley)
3. Reclamation Laws and Regulations: Insight into Post-Mining land-Use Planning and Design (Norman Dietrich)
Soil Productivity Laws and Regulations: An American Case Study (Jon Bryan Burley)
4. Site Planning for Operations and Development (Anthony M. Bauer and Jon Bryan Burley)
A Northern Colorado Case Study (John Paliga, Jayne Kopperl, and Kevin C. Dunnett)
5. Design Principles for Creating Housing, Commercial, and Industrial Lands (Jon Bryan Burley)
6. Design Principles for Reclamation of Agricultural Lands (Joe Friedlander)
Agriculture in the North: A Canadian Case Study (Judith A. Smith)
Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions: A New Mexico Reclamation Case Study (Walter Ruzzo)
7. Design Principles for Creating Forested Lands (Jon Bryan Burley)
Soil Based Vegetation Productivity Models for the Revegetation of Surface-Mined Lands (Jon Bryan Burley)
8. Adapting Disturbed Land to Recreational Uses (William Winslow III and Dennis Law)
Zoological Garden Case Study (Jim Ruelle, Elizabeth Berg, and Brian Eilertson)
9. The Use of Natural Process in Mining and Reclamation (Sue Massie and Paul Vehlow)
Post-Mining Bauxite Reclamation: A Landscapte Stabilization Case Study in Greece (Costa Cassios)
The Sudbury Regional Land Reclamation Program: A Case Study (Keith Winterhalder, William E. Lautenbach, and Peter J. Beckett)
10. Reclamation Design Principles for Wildlife (Jeffrey E. Green, Richard E. Salter, Gail Harrison, and Craig W. Johnson)
Habitat Restoration Case Studies: the San Diego River, Surface Mining, and the Endangered Least Bell’s Vireo (Gary R. Ruyle)
11. Design Principles for Recreating Visual Quality on Surface Mined Landscapes (John C. Ellsworth)
12. Computer Applications in Post-Mining Land-Use Planning and Design (Merlyn J. Paulson)
13. Planning Considerations for Multiple Post-Mining Land-Uses and Special Land-Uses (Todd W. Lewis, Jon Bryan Burley, Tom Nieman, and Diane Mashako)
Reclamation and Reuse Case Study of the Lexington Quarry (George W. Riddle)
Bibliography; index

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